Happy Monday

There are two types of people in this world, night owls, and morning people. Morning people are obviously sent to earth to torture us normal, sleep loving people. I am finding life a bit busy lately, and sleeping hours a bit too few. Early Monday mornings are painful, here are a few things that get me through the day;

– Homemade biscotti and sweet Ugandan tea.

– Baby smell and toddler smooches.

– Waking up to a winter wonderland outside.

– Before leaving for work I discovered my cat sleeping under the bird cage. I can’t tell if his interest in our new parrot is friendly or more stalkery… Does he want to hug him or eat him? I’m concerned but amused.

– Daydreaming about being back in UG.

– Generous friends and strangers! Since the project has started to be shared so many people have come out of the woodwork with words of encouragement and offers of donations! We are very thankful. 🙂

What gets you through the day?